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The Compass Difference

The statistics are clear: over 70% of companies that provide internships also hire new staff from their intern pools. Yet many college students do not know this, nor have they obtained internships before. They often fall behind and are missing this valuable experience on their resume when they search for full-time employment after college. 

The Compass solution is designed to help students understand the importance of internships and how to find and obtain them. This service provides a clear, structured path to finding and preparing for internships, including how to stand out among the candidates and secure an offer. 

When you enroll your student in Compass, they will benefit from a proven, how-to support system for every step of the internship process. We even have FREE resources to benefit all students! 

We Take Out All the Guesswork

When you enroll your student in Compass, they will receive clear direction — what to do, when to do it and how to get it done. Instead of confusion and stress, your student will benefit from a guided, structured path to internship success, including video tutorials, checklists, assessments, best-in-class internship database with industry contacts, live events, and as an option, personal coaching. 

We also provide parent-focused resources, so you know what to expect during this process. Our free Basecamp resources include a valuable e-book and parent-only events, highly recommended by previous parents. 

You have spent significant time and money to help your student reach this point. The logical next step is to help your student position themselves for career success and learn the importance of internships and how to access them! 

If You're Not Ahead, You're Behind

An internship search process can be complex, and without a structured system, wrong turns are inevitable. With the Compass structured approach, we can eliminate many of the twists and turns and uncertainty. Our significant experience with previous students will help your student!

Remember, for most companies, their pool of interns are an important source of new hires out of college. Utilizing the Compass service is not just the best way to obtain an internship, it will also pay dividends when your student launches their career after college!