Give Your Student a Career Head Start

Good Internships During College Lead
to Great Careers After College

Statistics show that internships are an essential building block for career success. Over 70% of companies hire new full-time staff from their own intern pool. Employers want to see that your student has obtained valuable “real world” knowledge and experience, as well as confirm your student’s drive and determination to succeed.

The message is clear: by obtaining internships now, your student increases the likelihood of a great full-time job later and faster career launch.

When you enroll your student in the Compass service, they will have a strong foundation for their career. Their resume will feature internship experience, which in turn will lead to a good first job after college, faster advancement and higher income for years to come. Falling behind has the opposite effect, no internship experience means a less impressive resume and fewer opportunities later.

The Compass service is how to help
your student obtain a great internship!

When you enroll your student in Compass, we will provide them with a proven, structured path to internship search success, including video tutorials, checklists, assessments, best-in-class internship database with industry contacts and live personal coaching.

We will also provide parent-focused resources, so you know what to expect during this process. Our free Basecamp resources include a valuable e-book for you, highly recommended by previous parents.

You have spent significant time and money to help your student reach this point. Now is the time to take this last step and help your student begin to prepare for career launch. Thank You!

Important Ways to Support Your Student!

1. Be Positive – Your student is about to embark on a process with ups and downs, that millions have gone through before.
Remind your student that they are gaining valuable “real world” experience and expanding their professional skillset and network
with each interaction!

2. Stay Focused – Your student may need help focusing on the special skills and strengths they can bring to an organization.
From time to time, they may need you to help ensure they are emphasizing those, especially when employers do not recognize
those strengths right away.

3. Identify Resources – Most students have not attempted a search for an internship before. They likely do not know all the resources at their disposal. Our resource center is a good place to start, as well as local career fairs in your community.

4. Follow the Process – Some students and families see their feelings rise and fall with each contact from an employer. We have found that families and students perform better when there is a clear process. Learn about our process here.

5. Don’t Compare – One of the biggest mistakes we see is comparing one student with another. Commenting on your student’s friend who already has an internship is a sure way to deflate your student. There is only one person that matters here – your student!

Ready to Get Started and Support Your Student?