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There is a one-time fee of $99.00 for unlimited usage throughout your student’s college tenure.



Career Compass is a practical internship and career development program designed to complement the resources already offered by the school. It helps students build the skills and connections necessary for the competitive internship and job marketplace.


Career Compass is built around four essential pillars:

  • Personal self-assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Core values exercises to determine priorities and help align the internship search with findings, goals, and interests.
  • A Mentorship Guide to create and manage a network of mentors and recommenders.
  • An Internship Finder to help locate key internship opportunities locally and nationally.

Career Compass also includes unlimited access to 50+ video tutorials on every step of the process.

Yes. Parents can download the e-book “Career Playbook for Parents” for information on how to support your student throughout their process. Visit

Previous students and parents have pointed to the significant advantages in starting early to prepare for the competitive internship and job marketplace. Students will be more skilled, more focused, and more confident. They will have better internship experiences, which means greater likelihood of finding a full-time job after graduation that matches their needs, interests, and goals.

The career planning and preparation resources in Career Compass are helpful for any student, regardless of whether they pursue an internship in the near term. Students learn more about themselves, their career goals, how to build a network of mentors, and how to interview, among other things.


There is a one-time fee of $99.00 that covers unlimited usage of all resources for your student’s entire college tenure.

Yes. If cost is an issue, there are free resources available in Career Basecamp.

These are quotes from students who have used Career Compass:

“While I did take advantage of the career center on campus, I still felt overwhelmed and needed additional resources to help me on my own schedule. Career Compass helped me feel much more confident and knowledgeable, like I had a plan and now a real job.”

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