Building a
Mentor Network

When you encounter challenges and issues on your career path, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a team of trusted, experienced advisors to help you become the best person you could be? Sure, you have people you can turn to when you need someone to talk to for friendly advice; but imagine having several hand- picked individuals lined up neatly in your contact list who you know are there to guide you through your chosen career path. This is your Personal Mentor Network (PMN)!

Imagine getting that call right now. It’s the dream job you’ve been desperately wanting. However, they need you to relocate to a place you don’t want to go or perhaps the salary is nowhere near what you feel your talents are worth. What do you do? Who can you call to talk about this? Your family, sure, but who would better understand your situation? Whose expert advice would you want on this matter?

This is the reason why you want a PMN.

Lesson 1: Creating Your Personal Mentor

(Approximate Time:  30 Minutes)

This lesson leads you through a brainstorming exercise to think about potential members of your personal mentor network.

Lesson 2: Reviewing PMN Candidates

(Approximate Time:  45 Minutes)

In this lesson, you will start narrowing down your list of potentially team members.

Lesson 3: Enter the 2x2 Matrix

(Approximate Time:  30 Minutes)

A visual lesson to help you categorize and organize your candidate pool.

Lesson 4: Selecting Your PMN

(Approximate Time:  30 Minutes)

After completing the previous exercises, it is now time to think about your selections, reviewing the team’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Lesson 5: Recruiting and Assembling Your PMN

(Approximate Time:  60 Minutes)

You are assembling a trusted, carefully selected group of individuals that you can turn to for advice when opportunities arise.  With your list of “target” team members identified, it is now time to reach out to your potential mentors.

Lesson 6: A Moment of Self-Reflection

(Approximate Time:  30 Minutes)

After assembling your team, it is time to take a moment to appreciate the work you have done and enjoy the fact that you have put together an invaluable resource for your personal career growth.

Managing Your Personal Mentor Network

(Approximate Time:  60 Minutes)

Your PMN should be ready to assist and mentor you when challenges arise in your ongoing career journey.  This exercise will help you work through real-life scenarios.  Additionally, this component of the program provides tips and tricks for maintaining and managing your Personal Mentor Network over time.

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